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Chinese Cooking Lessons!
From Chongqing Spicy Chicken to Mapo Tofu, join Chef McMahon from the Confucius Institute at The College of William & Mary to learn how to cook some of your favorite Chinese dishes! Recipes and instructional videos are provided. Start Cooking Today!

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    Exploring China From Home

    While we hope that all of our students will have the opportunity to travel to China, we know that this isn’t always possible. Weather you’re preparing for a future trip, or simply looking to learn more about the richness of Chinese culture, these resources provide an insiders look into life and travel in China.

    2018 People-to-People China Trip
    Visiting Beijing and Chengdu

    2018 People-to-People China Trip
    Mini Series Episode #1

    2018 People-to-People China Trip
    Mini Series Episode #2

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