Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board is formed by a group of individuals who believe in the value of global education with interests in supporting and furthering the contributions that Confucius Institute programs make to cultivate intercultural competence in the United States. The Advisory Board provides independent advice and recommendations to the CIUS regarding best practices and approaches for improving, enhancing and implementing the educational and academic goals of teaching Chinese language and culture in the United States through academic exchanges and other programs.  The Advisory Board is not an official organ of CIUS but serves only in an independent and voluntary advisory capacity. 

The Advisory Board include:

Matt Salmon - Vice President for Government Relations, Arizona State University

Lew Cramer - CEO-Utah, Colliers International

Adam Deguire - Associate Vice President, Arizona State University

Randy Kluver - Dean, School of Global Studies and Partnerships, Oklahoma State University

Stefanie Lindquist - Vice President, Arizona State University

Jonathon Marek - Undergraduate Student, Georgetown University

William McCarren - Executive Director, National Press Club

Harvey Perlman - Professor of Law, Chancellor Emeritus, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Peter Stearns - Professor of History, Provost Emeritus, George Mason University

The National Advisory Board was provided with a copy of a letter from American Council on Education (ACE) suggesting steps that the American CIs can take to respond to concerns that have been raised about them.  The advisory board appreciated ACE’s thoughtful effort, and wanted to take the opportunity to respond to ACE’s letter in the spirit of helping ensure that the important global educational mission that CIs are dedicated to can be continued.  This response is not made in any official capacity for CIUS. Instead, it comes from each of the member of the advisory board, individually, as citizens with experience and interest in the field.

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