Staying Connected, Staying Safe Contest

The Confucius Institute community represents students from around the country who share the values of empathy, mutual cooperation, and people-to-people connections. While we remain physically distant during this time, we are excited to provide an opportunity for students to share how they continue to promote these values and remain connected during these challenging times. Here at the CIUS Center, we believe that positive stories of navigating this crisis are key to strengthening our community.  Share your story and also enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

What We’re Looking For:

We’re looking for positive stories related to Confucius Institute to share with the world. Wash your hands, get involved, and share your story with us to enter you’re your name in a weekly drawing for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Here’s some ways to get involved:


CIUS is encouraging partnerships and donation with the American Red Cross because of their unique expertise in crisis healthcare, which stretches across the country into the communities where our students live.

Join our Sleeves Up Campaign and send us a photo/video or a quick story about your time donating blood, starting your own a fundraiser, or getting involved in any way.


How are you continuing your online language education while social distancing? Have you found any interesting tools? Are you connecting to your Confucius Institute community, and if so, how?

Send your stories to !


We’re looking for fun ways to exercise in this time of social distancing. Have you created a Tiktok dance that incorporates Chinese language or culture? Are you practicing Tai Chi? We’re looking to showcase people who are using exercise techniques they learned through learning Chinese or through their Confucius Institute connections, or dances that are inspired by Chinese language or culture.

Send your videos or posts  And if you are doing a dance challenge, please use the hashtag #BuildingBridgesWithCI


During this time, we’ve all had to modify our bigger plans for travel and exploration of this wonderful planet. Where would you like to visit next? Let’s go on a virtual visit. Post a picture of your future travel plans or show us where you’ve been.  How has learning Chinese prepared you to visit other lands once we’re able to globe trot again? Write a blog and send it with pictures to And post it yourself, tagging us at: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.