As a community of Chinese language and culture enthusiasts, educators and professionals, the coronavirus outbreak hits close to home.

Global health impacts us all and we believe it is important to bring global support to the men and women fighting to contain this deadly virus while instilling a sense of compassion that transcends cultures and borders, especially in times of crisis.

The CIUS Center is commited to strengthening the ties between people at home and abroad. During challenging times, language and culture can often create barriers to addressing the spread of global epidemics. We are in a unique position to create a bridge of support from our local Washington, DC community to those in need and we are dedicated to highlighting the importance of compassion, empathy, and the distribution of accurate information across our global community.

Our Goal

To raise $4,000 to purchase 300 medical-grade coveralls for medical staff at Wuhan City Central Hospital and Wuhan Xiehe Hospital in Wuhan, China. Your donation will support the purchase and shipment of these supplies to prevent further spread of the virus.

$2,225 of $4,000 Raised

from 28 donors
$4,000 Goal

Since the outbreak of the virus in late December 2019, medical professionals in Wuhan, have been working around the clock to manage the outbreak while treating those who were infected by the virus. As of February 10th, the virus has killed at least 910 people and infected more than 40,500.

For medical professionals working in Wuhan it is important that protective gear and facemasks are routinely changed, however, due to a decrease in production over the Chinese holiday season and increased demand, staff at Wuhan City Central Hospital and Wuhan Xiehe Hospital have run out of these important supplies. As an alternative, doctors have resorted to using raincoats and trash bags to protect themselves from the virus.

By donating, you can bring badly needed medical supplies to local hospitals at the forefront of the outbreak and can help protect those who are risking their lives to prevent this from becoming a global epidemic.


CIUS Center is offering translation services and intercultural resources free of charge to medical facilities around the United States. Find out more here.