Thalia Blankson

Motivation to Study Mandarin

By: Thalia Blankson 


My motivation to learn Mandarin started when I was eleven years old in fourth grade. There were some Chinese students in my class and I heard them speaking and loved the sound of the language. Soon afterwards, I fell in love with the Chinese culture and language. I began studying Mandarin by watching youtube videos until I started college at the University of Albany then I took Mandarin classes every semester for two years and then paid for a private tutor while in college. I majored in Chinese studies and changed it to Political Science due to my interest in political science to study Chinese history and politics. My Professors are either Chinese or have studied in China for several years. While studying, I realize now that I must learn the Mandarin language to understand the relationship between the United States and China. As a student, I find myself constantly engaged with the intersection of politics, and economics and I will continue this route throughout my career.

I am currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and History. I have also been involved with the First Year Leadership program’s service and leadership organizations, the 2020 SUNY SAIL Leadership program, and participated in conferences as part of my university experience. When Covid19 is over, I hope to study abroad in Beijing and continue learning the Chinese culture and language. Throughout my college studies, I have written several research papers on China, the United States, and Pakistan, focused on law, human rights and cultural studies, and negotiation between different nations. I love studying economics and politics.

My career vision is to be a political analyst one day and use my observation and experience to understand the complex relationship between the Chinese, Pakistan, and the United States. I also want to focus on the Chinese Communist Party and its politics. As my understanding grows in depth and mastery, my passion has always been to learn about politics and teach future generations its importance and how it intertwines with history. Pursuing such a career will allow me to improve the world community by helping people understand one another. After graduating in May, I would like to pursue my Master’s degree in International relations and eventually get my PhD later on.


Thalia Blankson

Thalia Blankson is an Arizona State University online, where she studies international Affairs and Leadership. she began studying Chinese on her own and then started taking classes at her undergraduate institute University of Albany and later joining the Confucius Institutes. She will continue learning Chinese.