Spyros-Andres Velez Zervos

Spyros-Andres Velez Zervos’ Life 

By: Spyros-Andres Velez Zervos


When I was born, I was learning Greek, English, and Spanish. That is because my mom is from Greece and my dad is from Colombia. My name is Spyros-Andres Velez-Zervos and I was born in College Station, TX, in America. Spyros is my Greek grandpa’s name and Andres is my Colombian great grandpa’s name. Same story with my last name. Velez is my dad’s last name and Zervou/Zervos is my mom’s last name. 

I met my grandma and grandpa when I went to Greece. That’s where I started crawling. I wanted to chase my dog, but I could not crawl or walk.  So then after one week of trying to crawl, I did it! 

It was in Italy where I learned how to walk. In Italy I was at a park. I saw pigeons and wanted to chase them, but I knew by crawling I could not catch them. So I took three steps, but my mom got scared so she stopped me. 

When I was one year old, I met my brother, Thalis. I gave him my favorite toy. When I was two years old, my brother and I started fighting. 

While I get to spend every summer and winter break with my grandma and grandpa on my mom’s side in Greece, sadly, my grandma on my dad’s side died when I was only three years old. She died because she was very sick. Since after she died, we only would see my mom’s side of the family and only the aunts and cousins on my dad’s side. 

When I was three years old we moved to Austin, TX and I went to Academia Preescolar Spanish Immersion school. I learned different things about different places where people speak Spanish, for example songs from Spain, Colombia, and Mexico. I also learned about Mexico’s and Spain’s flags. 

When it was time for me to go to kindergarten, my parents found a school for me called Little Tiger Chinese Immersion School in Austin, TX.  When I was testing out the school, my only classmates were Elliot, Ariella, my brother, and Daisy. But then I finally got to go to the school for real! My best friends were Elliot, Davis, and Rylan. But there were more kids. I liked to pretend to be a puppy and my owners were Ariella and Eden. My only teacher was Liu Laoshi.  

In first grade, I got a new friend, Atticus. In second grade, I got a new classmate called Aanya. Also, I met Lucas. At after-school, we liked to play a game called “Stealing”.  Some kids try to steal the leaves that the other kids gather and break the sand nests (but I did not break them). Starting from the ending of  2019, we had (and still have to) wear masks to school because of Coronavirus. Now my teachers are Meggie Laoshi, Li Laoshi, Cecilia Laoshi, Tony Laoshi, Zheyi Laoshi, Sharon Laoshi, Rudy Laoshi, and Ms. Wearden.   

Chinese has changed my life because if I did not know Chinese, I would not know how to read in Chinese. If I did not know how to read in Chinese I would not know the stories that are only written in Chinese. I would not know about Chinese things, for example the ancient Chinese clothes, songs, and Chinese manners. I also would not eat much Chinese food or talk with people who can only speak Chinese. I also would not have my Chinese name Sai An, which means “peaceful person”.  Also, I of course would not go to my wonderful school, Little Tiger, and I would not have all of my school friends and teachers and I do not want that to happen. This is my essay and I hope you will like it. Thank you for reading it. 



Spyros-Andres is seven years old and lives in Austin, Texas, with his brother, Thalis Julian, his Greek mother and his Colombian father. He just finished second grade at Little Tiger, a Chinese immersion school he has attended for three years. He is growing up in a multilingual and multicultural environment that he enjoys. Spyros-Andres loves reading books and playing with the waves in the sea.