Dulcimer Brilliance: The Jasmine Ensemble


Confucius Institute U.S. Center celebrated and showcased the talents of a group of Chinese musicians known together as the Jasmine Ensemble.

The show included ten pieces of Chinese and Western styled songs all played on the dulcimer. The musicians were dressed in traditional Chinese dresses far more beautiful than I had ever seen before. The dulcimer pieces were enchanting. It was obvious the skill and attention to detail every single player had to have to play the pieces. The delicate way the dulcimers were played added with the rhythm and timing created a dance-like performance, even as the players stayed seated. It was magic.

Of course, you cannot forget the most beautiful part of all: the Beijing Junior Jasmine Ensemble! The dulcimer students were a delight to watch. With the youngest being just four years old (and having to stand at the dulcimer, rather than sit), the girls showed confidence and skill. Audience members often found themselves clutching their hearts at how precious and amazed they were.

Many walked away in awe after an experience they will never forget. If you get a chance to see the Jasmine Ensemble, look forward to a Chinese cultural experience that will shift the way you think of music.

  • Written by Serena Nangia, former Program and Operations Intern at the Confucius Institute U.S. Center in Washington, D.C.