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CIUS Brings International Students to the Nation’s Capital

Confucius Institute US Center Convenes International Youth Peace Forum

International Youth Peace Forum, Washington, DC, August 12-16, 2019

Confucius Institute Provides support and helps foster a global learning community for the International Youth Peace Form– “Amplifying diverse voices from around the world.” Confucius Institute creates a space for exceptional young people to share their stories, their perspectives, and their voices.

The Confucius Institute US Center, a not-for-profit educational institution in Washington, DC, brought together 17 university students from nine countries to reflect on issues of global peace in a weeklong workshop in Washington, DC. Students attended lectures and panels and participated in discussions and activities at the first-ever International Youth Peace Forum. The students, who come from Ireland, China, Israel, South Africa, Germany, France, Japan, the United Kingdoms and the United States discussed conflicts in their home countries and solutions for creating peace as well as building bridges across their different communities and cultures. The student participants were recommended from the global Confucius Institute network which currently includes 537 Confucius Institutes in 157 countries. They all have strong interest in conflict resolution, and represent a diversity of unique viewpoints and voices. “The Confucius Institute US Center has always been a strong supporter of people-to-people exchanges, not only between the U.S. and China but around the world. We are pleased that Confucius Institutes bring together those young ambassadors for peace to address such important issues facing our world today,” said Tony Culley-Foster, The founding president of International Youth Peace Form Inc.

Living in the interconnected world today, the educational and cultural exchanges between two societies and people are crucial to build a peaceful and harmonious human community. With this program, the Confucius Institute U.S. Center is advancing its mission of people-to-people exchange and global education while providing resources to improve the intercultural exchanges.


Meet our 2019 International Youth Peace Forum Participants !

  • Zuxian Li – China
  • Cheikh Badiane – France
  • Tim Porte – Germany
  • Amanda Haydar – Ireland
  • Karin Egri – Israel
  • Mark Tischler – Israel
  • Ron Sheinin – Israel
  • Taro Okamura – Japan
  • Aki Koyama – Japan
  • Shannon Bennett – South Africa
  • Dino Kyriakides – South Africa
  • Aislinn Bunting – N. Ireland
  • Nadine McCutcheon – N. Ireland
  • Audrey Williams – United States
  • Dyrell Moon – United States
  • Marema Lo – United States
  • Sarah Aver – United States