5 Ways to Stay Together (Apart)

Join us in encouraging community-based service during these challenging times

These last few months, students around the country have had to rapidly adapt to the challenges that come with social distancing. Many have returned home, miles away from their friends and universities. At times like these it is more important than ever to stay connected. Here are 5 ways to become active in your community right now:

1. Donate to the Red Cross and Share with the Confucius Institute

Visit our SleevesUp Campaign page to pledge to give blood and to find your local donation center. Share your commitment to giving on social media and feel free to share photos from your experience. Be sure to tag us @CIUSCenter and use #SleevesUpwithCI to join the conversation online.

Not able to give blood at this time? Consider hosting an online fundraiser instead. The CIUS Center Team will be happy to provide assistance.

2. Become Part of the Confucius Institute’s Efforts!

During these unprecedented times, the Confucius Institute network is committed to strengthening our global community through highlighting the importance of mutual understanding and empathy in our global community.

  • Visit and share the CIUS Center’s COVID-19 Community Hub, a space where we will highlight helpful educational resources, updated health and safety guidelines, and inspiring stories of resilience during these challenging times
  • Share the CIUS Center’s Joining Hands with the Red Cross Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @CIUSCenter

3. Share Your Service Story

Although we are facing challenging times, there are many ways that we can continue to support our communities. Here are a few ideas:

  • Connect with your local food bank and share current needs with those in your network
  • Contact Meals on Wheels, which needs healthy drivers to deliver food to the elderly
  • Call your friends and neighbors to check on them. Social distancing DOESN’T have to mean emotional distance.
  • Organize donations for life-saving Personal Protection Equipment

Confucius institute students embody compassion, service, and community engagement. How have you been active in your community in other ways? Let us celebrate you and share your ideas for how to make a difference. E-mail stories@ciuscenter.org

4. Support Online Chinese Language and Culture Education

Since distance learning has become the new normal for most students across the country, we want to know how you are maintaining your Chinese language and culture studies. What are you studying? Did you learn something inspirational in class? Share it with us!

  • Make a graphic image based on your lessons for social media
  • Draw/Chalk a message about your distance learning experience and share a photo
  • Draw/Chalk a message about your distance learning experience and share a photo
  • Share online programs that others can join. Video lessons and study tools are great!
  • Tell us about your work. Do you have a research project or paper that presents an interesting story? We want to share it!

Submit your distance learning resources to stories@ciuscenter

5. Support Your Learning Community

With the cancellation of graduation ceremonies, abrupt instructions to return home, and the transition to distance learning, students across the United States, including international students, continue to face significant disruption due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Check-in with your university communities to see if there are ways you can support students. Here are a few ideas:

  • Contact the Dean of Students to learn what is needed at this time
  • Contact International Student Services to consider ways to support international students

If you have a story, we want to tell it share it, and celebrate it!

Submit all story ideas to: stories@ciuscenter.org

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